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The Green Machine takes on the FIH World Series

If you are a hockey enthusiast and looking for some hockeygamebets.com, so to say, then this might be your lucky day, as Ireland has appointed its squad for the FIH World Series that will take place in Le Touquet, France, starting on the 15th of June.

Of course, you will be able to choose from multiple teams if you want to bet on hockey games, as Ireland will have to face Scotland, Egypt, and Singapore in Pool A, and Ukraine, France, Korea, and Chile in Pool B.

Aiming for the Olympic Tickets

While you will engage in betting on your favorite teams, or even in ice hockey betting, the team that’s in the discussion today will try to get their hands on an Olympic qualifier ticket.

The top two teams of each FIH Series Finals will have a place secured at the qualification events that will be held later this year – naturally, these events will tell who is going to be present in Tokyo in 2020.

Get Ready for the Matches

Whether you are a bettor or only a hockey enthusiast, you will still have to open your notebook and write down the following information.

Before the tournament, during its lead up phase, Ireland will host both France and USA with international matches. These will take place on the 24th and 26th May against the USA, and on the 4th and 5th June against France.

If you want to see even more hockey being played, then feel free to join the open training session on the 31st of May, in Lisnagarvey. Naturally, all fans will be able to attend.


Head Coach, Alexander Cox, mentioned that the squad that will take on the FIH World Series gives him the opportunity to place certain players in multiple lines, stating that this feels like an advantage for the team. 

Obviously, the team sees all the upcoming games as the perfect means of preparation for the World Series.

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