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Top 5 Celebrities Known for Their Love of Risk and Fun

Gambling has always been an attractive entertainment for celebrities from all sectors of life. From Hollywood to sports, many popular names have been involved in gambling activities. Some of these celebrities had success at casinos, and some are known to lose millions at different tables. Sports stars show special love for gambling and casinos. There are different aspects that are similar in gambling and sports. Both niches include factors of entertainment and thrill.

When it comes to football, popular players are known to make millions. As compared to any other sport, football is the most revenue-generating game for the players. English footballers are popular for their risky ventures, so their interest in casinos and gambling is understandable. Celebrity gamblers have the same odds as other gamblers, but they have the resources and funds to support their passion for gambling.

Top English Football Celebrities known for Gambling Ventures

Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and many other film stars are known for their gambling interests. In the football world, there are many popular names that like to spend their time in exotic casinos and gambling establishments.

Wayne Rooney

In the world of professional football, Wayne Rooney has a great reputation. He is a former English football player and currently working as the manager of Major League Soccer club D.C. Apart from his amazing career in the game, he is also known for his passion for gambling. His fans have spotted him at different popular casinos. He does not publicly discuss his gambling desires. He admits his interest in gambling, and he has won major prizes at high-stake games during his football career too.

Paul Merson

Paul has been an active player in England’s National Team, and he has also played for Arsenal. His passion for gambling is not hidden from his fans and media houses. For some time, he was addicted to gambling, and he openly shared his struggles with gambling addiction. Common users can take inspiration from these celebrities, but following their approach is impossible.

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Teddy Sheringham

Teddy earned his reputation in the sports realm by playing for popular football clubs like Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. He has been seen enjoying and participating in popular poker tournaments. You probably know about the famous World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Teddy has played as a professional player in this poker series. His ventures in the gambling world are full of ups and downs.

Ray Parlour

Being popular and successful in football does not always offer the same success in the gambling world. Football needs dedication and hard work. Gambling is all about a balanced fusion of luck and skill. Ray has played for Arsenal and other popular football clubs. His passion for gambling had no effect on his professional career, and he openly shares his experiences at popular casinos.

David Bentley

In the list of popular sports celebrities who love gambling, David is worth mentioning. He has also been part of popular football clubs. His love for poker is known by his fans, and he has also appeared in some poker tournaments too. He is a responsible gambler, and his ventures did not cause any significant loss.

Why do Celebrities Gamble?

There are different reasons behind celebrity gambling habits. Most players take part in gambling as a form of entertainment. At exotic casinos, they not only get to enjoy top-class services, but also connect with other popular celebrities. Famous gamblers and celebrities usually stay in the news for their appearances at different events and casinos. Like everyone else, these celebrities also have their hobbies and passions. There is no harm in gambling if responsible gambling practices are followed. As a responsible gambler, one needs to take care of these aspects:

  • Set your budget and stick to the plan
  • Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose
  • Don’t chase losses in games
  • Take brakes and quit as soon as you hit the limit
  • Avoid playing under the influence of alcohol
  • Set a time limit for gambling
  • Keep track of your spending


All of these celebrities enjoy spending their time at exotic casinos. Fans may also want to follow in their footsteps. As a smart gambler, one can start playing favorite games online. Compared to land-based casinos, online gambling is safer and more affordable. Footballers, film stars, media persons, and popular figures from other sectors of life also enjoy responsible gambling.

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