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Top 5 Sports Most Likely to be Bet On by Gen Z

Gen Zs are gradually becoming an integral part of the gambling industry, and we see things favour them more. Brands are studying what they like and using it as a major selling point. We can see a major example of the growth of bingo. Gen Z showed their interest in it, and brands like buzz online bingo capitalised on it to provide the best experience for them. And looking at the numbers bingo is doing, the growth is evident.

So in this overview, we will look at five sports that Gen Z would most likely bet on when they open a gambling account.


eSports provides modernised gambling like never before; it gives us a perfect balance between fun and gambling. In the earlier days, bettors had to bet on games and sports they didn’t like to make money. But eSports closes the gap perfectly by allowing Gen Z to bet on their favourite video games.

Some of the most popular eSport genres are:

First Person Shooter
Real-Time Strategy
Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

An average Gen Z plays these games, and an opportunity to stake on it is golden for them.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

If there is something about Mixed Martial Arts, it is the explosive nature. The sport is entertaining and very understandable, even for newbies. MMA is a top prospect for Gen Zs because of the entertainment it presents. Also, it isn’t overly long, so it also presents a great opportunity for short term bets. These little elements are perfect for younger generations; they would surely love to stake on it.


Football is arguably the most popular sport in the whole world. This sport brings 90 mins of ups and downs with thrills and excitement. The gambling aspect also presents tons of betting options, and there is no better sport for live betting. An average Gen Z is an avid supporter of a football club, and they would garnish any opportunity to stake on their favourites.


Basketball is an exciting sport, mostly played by young people. The sport also breeds several idols and role models that Gen Z love to imitate. In addition, the sport is fun to watch and has a good touch of fashion and swags. These fragments are beautiful for Gen Z, especially in the NBA. It makes basketball a top prospect for the younger generation.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports is upcoming in the industry, and Gen Z would consider it a big deal. It is very similar to eSports; however, virtual sports are more connected to the real life performance of teams and players. Not only do you get a simulated environment of your favourite athletes, but you also get to bet on them. Virtual sports come in handy when real life leagues are on break. It provides an endless betting experience that Gen Z would not take for granted.


If you think Gen Zs don’t matter in the gambling industry, you need to rethink. The numbers are in their favour, and it keeps increasing yearly. Sportsbooks are noting their preferences and are making things favour them more. So if you are yet to join the moving train, it is not too late.

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