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Why RNG Technology Is the Heart of the iGaming Industry?

How RNG Technology Made Online Casinos Possible

There’s a reason gambling is also called “games of chance”. Uncertainty of outcomes is a big factor in this industry and what makes them exciting in the first place. When there is no uncertainty, the element of chance is taken away from them, labeling them as unfair – aka “rigged”.

Introducing online gambling to the public raised a question regarding game fairness due to the possibility of programming a computer to fix the results. The serious industry representatives, like https://mrbetcasino.nz/, had an answer ready for that in advance.

The reason why online gambling is legit is due to RNG technology. RNG stands for “Random Number Generator”. It provides players with an opportunity to play slots and roulette, knowing that nobody can mess with the outcome “behind the scenes”.

What Is RNG Technology?

As you might already know, the abbreviation RNG is short for ‘random number generator’ or ‘random number generation.’ In the context of online casino gaming, it refers to a specialized algorithm tasked with generating unpredictable numbers.

The connection between iGaming and these random numbers is quite evident. In the realm of online gambling, random numbers play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of each game round. Consequently, these numbers hold the power to dictate what symbols appear on the spinning reels of a slot machine.

Casino Game Types: RNG & Live Dealer

The concept of Random Number Generation (RNG) in the realm of iGaming extends beyond the mere mechanics of random number generation algorithms, primarily found in games like slots.

In broader strokes, RNG encompasses all forms of games that hinge on chance and unpredictability. On the flip side, we encounter Live Dealer games, where the element of randomness is not governed solely by software.

Live Dealer games offer an immersive experience reminiscent of the ambience found in brick-and-mortar casinos, complete with human interaction for that extra touch of authenticity.

The Live Dealer experience essentially transports you to a physical casino establishment, not only in terms of the genuine atmosphere but also in how the outcome of each round is influenced by the dealer’s card shuffling technique or the spin of the wheel.

Consider, for instance, the classic slot machine. A player pushes a button, and a complex algorithm comes into play, generating a sequence of symbols on the slot machine’s reels, ultimately determining whether a win occurs or not.

Beyond slots, there exists a diverse array of games such as video poker, traditional table games, casual gaming options, and even fishing-themed games, all of which rely on RNG principles and don’t necessitate the human touch that Live Dealer games offer.

The Commercial Side of RNG

RNGs are in high demand among operators who provide games. Game content developers have to make it completely transparent at any cost. Their main purpose is to prove that the game is unbiased and does not play into the favourable hands of some party.

In essence, a random number generator is an algorithm that lives inside the game, cooperating with all sound, video, and performance aspects of the game. The algorithm itself lives within game files on a remote gaming server controlled by the game provider or a third-party company. Once there, it cannot be changed in any way.

Final Thoughts

The fascinating aspect of random number generator technology is that it transcends specific types or brands, underscoring its universal significance. 

Thanks to these innovations, gaming operators are empowered to continually enrich their collections with games that boast a level of unpredictability, fairness, and security. 

This makes adherence to RNG standards an absolute imperative within the realm of iGaming, cementing its reputation as the gold standard.

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