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Why Slingo Bingo is Growing Popular

Developed in the mid 1990s, Slingo bingo was Sal Falciglia’s attempt to amalgamate the best elements of slots and bingo. By taking bingo as the core game, the San Franciscan gaming enthusiast hoped to create something both new and familiar.


Slingo bingo was originally released on AOL, a dial-up internet provider that dominated the early internet age. The game’s simple yet ingenious premise found near instant success, becoming AOL’s most popular title within days.


More than 20 years on, Slingo bingo’s popularity has endured and continues to reach new heights, and here’s why.


Playing Slingo Bingo

Key to Slingo bingo’s success and universal appeal is its simplicity and ease of play. Almost everyone is familiar with bingo and slots as separate entities, and Slingobingo isn’t any harder to grasp.


Although there are plenty of Slingo variations available online, the majority follow the same core structure. There are usually 75 or 90 balls in-play, with numbers presented on a 5×5 grid.


Spinning the slot reel reveals a number that, if matching, can be crossed off a player’s card. Marking five numbers in either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line will move the player up the reward ladder.


The prizes corresponding to each rung of the ladder vary hugely, and reaching the very top can provide a huge payout.


Many variations also feature Wild, Super Wild and Blocker symbols that add a different dynamic to the game and enhance gameplay.


The Wild symbol allows the player to place a marker on any space on the corresponding reel. The Super Wild is an upgrade, allowing a marker to be placed anywhere.


Finally, Blockers stop any symbol from appearing in a particular place.




As with the two games that it amalgamates, there is almost endless variety when it comes to Slingo bingo. Slingo Advance, Extreme, Showdown and Riches all have slight variations on the classic formula to cater to different players.


Slingo Advance allows players to hold or discard numbers after a spin, giving the player more control than the solely luck-based original.


Slingo Extreme has a faster pace and is catered towards players seeking the greatest challenge. Fewer spins and more difficult winning patterns make the extreme version decidedly more difficult.


Slingo Showdown is the most competitive variant as it pits players against each other in a similar manner to conventional bingo. Players compete with their own cards, with the winner crowned based on who garners the most points.


Finally, Slingo Riches is for those looking to win big and offers the best potential for returns. Completing a full house within a set number of spins can sometimes return upwards of 20,000x the player’s stake.


Thematic variety is as important and more abundant than the gameplay tweaks just listed. The Deal or No Deal and Britain’s Got Talent Slingo games are hugely popular due to the popularity of their inspirations.


Slingo Racing is another beloved Slingo theme, especially for sport fans. This variation adds a horseracing element into the mix, as the player can bet on a horse prior to starting.



The immense popularity of slots has inevitably resulted in large jackpots, and many versions have great prizes on offer. Sites such as Rainbow Riches Casino also offer free spins to new players on their classic Slingobingo game.


Progressive jackpots are another staple of Slingo that have undoubtedly contributed hugely to Slingo’s growth. Rather than standing at a set figure, these pool players’ stakes and grow based on the amount they’re being played.


These can sometimes reach life changing amounts upwards of seven figures.

Slingo is a Social Game

Another factor that has impacted Slingo bingo’s growth is the social aspect of the game and its multiplayer base. Slingo bingo fosters the same strong social element which is especially present in bingo.


There is a bustling online community that is very welcoming to new players, making it ideal for both new and existing players. Almost every Slingo game has an integrated chat feature that allows players to communicate and interact throughout a game’s duration.


It’s not uncommon for veterans to share tips with their less experienced counterparts and congratulate each other on wins. The chat features also allow Slingo to be played with friends.


Competitiveness is instilled by the fact that people are competing in real time and that there can be only one winner. Leaderboards are common to celebrate the best players and incentivize others to continue improving.


Slingo’s Popularity Will Only Increase

Sal Falciglia’s ingenious combination of slots and bingo is the perfect winning formula. It’s new, yet familiar and mixes two of the world’s most beloved games.


Slingo bingo was an almost instant success, and the digital age has catapulted the game’s popularity to new heights. It’s little surprise that Slingo is a certified internet classic with an ever-growing player base.



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