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Winning the race 5 of the fastest horse breeds for racing

Racing horses is a popular sport way back and is still a crowd favorite in today’s modern era. If there’s an animal that shares a human’s need for speed, it’s the horse.

Imagine seeing a majestic horse in all its glory, displaying its speed, strength, and skill in racing. A big part of the excitement in racing horses is seeing these horses giving it their all. If you think that these animals are being mistreated, think again. 


Horses are stubborn animals that simply won’t run if they don’t want to. Racehorse owners also value their horses to the point of being absurd. These racehorses are given with names and are kept in pristine conditions, have perfect diets, undergo adequate exercise, and have excellent grooming. 


These racehorses are treated so well that they’re compared to elite athletes. There’s no reason why people think that racing horses is a bad thing, as horses naturally love running and going ahead of other horses. Although standard races are restricted by breed, several types of races use specific breeds. Here’s a look at the fastest racing horses.


Arguably the best breed for racing, the thoroughbred is a standard pick for most bettors who want to win. Thoroughbreds are muscular, have a short back, broad head, and long legs. This breed is the top choice for racing. 


Thoroughbreds came from breeding Turkomans, Barb, and Arabian horses. These breeds are known for their strength, endurance, speed, and intelligence. This is the reason why thoroughbreds have all the qualities from these horses. Famous thoroughbreds that have won over $10,000,000 in prize money include Orfevre, Arrogate, and Thunder Snow.

Quarter Horse

The name of this breed reflects its remarkable speed over a quarter-mile distance. Quarter horses are known for their sprinting. Some of these horses clocked in at an excess of more than 50 mph for a quarter-mile distance. Quarter horses are muscular with a small and short head, broad chest, and strong hindquarters. 


Due to its speed and reliability, Urban police forces often use Quarter horses as their mounts. Chicks Beduino, Ought To Go, Doc Bar, Smart Little Lena, and Dash For Cash were famous quarter horses that have made the hall of fame.


Their color patterns and striped hooves distinguish these horses. Appaloosas are medium in size, weighing in at 880-1000 lbs. There are Appaloosa-only races that happen mostly in the western parts of the world. Reigning, cutting, roping, barrel racing, and show jumping are great events for this breed. 


Appaloosas are also known for their immense speed because of their gait. Some can even outrun thoroughbreds and other racing-oriented breeds. Dawndee, a mare appaloosa, beat several thoroughbreds and quarter horses in July 1961. Dawndee became the standard-bearer for Appaloosas and was inducted into the Racing Hall of fame in 1995.


When it comes to harness racing and trotting, Standardbreds are good choices. These majestic horses usually weigh up to 800 to 1000 lbs with long muscular bodies, sturdy legs and shoulders, and heavier hindquarters. Standardbreds are used for a wide selection of events such as show, pleasure riding, and racing. These horses are also known for their temperament and excellent behavior.


Arabian horses are known for their high intelligence, strength, spirit, stamina, and their gentleness. Arabians are also easy to train, which make this horse legendary in the racing world. 


Arabian horses have broad foreheads, small muzzles, large nostrils, and large eyes. Another distinguishing feature of an Arabian horse is its arched neck, long croup, and high tail carriage.


Arabian horses are chiefly prized for their endurance in racing. A racing distance of 50 miles or more means that an Arabian horse has a high chance of winning that race because of its stamina and endurance. The Bedouins who bred these horses, prized the Arabian for their strength and resilience. Being exposed to the extreme desert conditions has perfected the bloodline of this breed, making them the perfect endurance racing.

Additional Info:

The breed of a horse isn’t the sole factor in a horse winning a race. A horse should be healthy and strong to ensure that it wins a race without any injury. If a horse breaks one of its legs, then it’d have to be put down. Nursing a horse from a broken leg is very expensive and often difficult. Most breeders believe that helping a horse recovering from a bad leg injury would only prolong its suffering.


Racers and owners should also know the type of terrain a horse will be racing on. For example, the golden gate fields use a track made out of synthetic tapeta. Some horses often perform their best on their preferred turf. Weather should also play a crucial role in races as it elevates the difficulty level of the ground the horses are racing on.


Although standard races are restricted to a specific breed, the speed of the horses mentioned above is remarkable. For endurance racing, Arabians are a popular choice as they are known to be genetically resilient and strong. Quarter horses, which are considered the fastest sprinters excel in short distance racing. 


For major races, Thoroughbreds excel in racing as they have strong qualities from their bloodlines. Knowing which type of horse and race can significantly increase your odds of winning. 


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