Horse racing – List of 2yo’s given priority to race before Royal Ascot


Here is the list of 2yo’s that have been nominated by their trainers to get priority to race in the first few weeks of the new horse racing fixture list.

By this time of the year, there would normally have been around 700 individual two-year-old performances. These performances would have helped determine the horses which would be of sufficient quality to compete at Royal Ascot. Bearing this in mind, a number of races have been programmed specifically for two-year-olds after resumption – and these races have been given priority to divide once or sometimes twice – but despite this it is anticipated that there will only be capacity for around half of that number of runners ahead of Royal Ascot.

In order to get into Ascot races, a previous run is likely to be necessary and the chances of getting one would normally be decided by random ballot.

Under the policy, trainers were asked to identify specific horses that they would like to see given priority against elimination from any division of the currently programmed two-year-old races. The offering of priority from elimination is intended to help trainers with two-year-olds that they feel are Ascot prospects ensure that they have a chance to get into a race in the first eight days upon resumption, so as to potentially be able to go on to Ascot.

The number of horses that could be selected by any trainer was based on their previous record with two-year-olds in Open Maiden or Novice races as well as the number of runners that they have had in Royal Ascot two-year-old races in the last three years. The number of priority nominations resulting from this formula is relatively small per trainer, with 126 nominations spread across 50 trainers. This means that we would expect a further 225 places to be available in two-year-old races in the first eight days for horses that have not been prioritised by their trainers, and qualification for these places will be by random ballot.

Following further consultation with horsemen representatives it was agreed that trainers that did not qualify for priority selections through this formula were invited to make up to one selection should they feel that they have a horse that they consider to be an Ascot prospect.

Adrian NichollsMamba Wamba (IRE)
Alan KingPainless Potter (IRE)
Amanda PerrettKodi Kub (IRE)
Andrew BaldingBright Devil (IRE)
Andrew BaldingTactical (GB)
Archie WatsonScience (IRE)
Archie WatsonProclaimed (GB)
Archie WatsonIdentified (GB)
Archie WatsonYou’ve Charmed Me (IRE)
Archie WatsonOcean Star (IRE)
Archie WatsonIgotatext (IRE)
Archie WatsonMighty Gurkha (IRE)
Ben HaslamMacho Pride (IRE)
Bill TurnerWeymouth Bay (IRE)
Brian EllisonBonne Vitesse (IRE)
Brian MeehanTalbot (IRE)
Bryan SmartUnleash (GB)
Charles HillsGive ‘Em The Slip (GB)
Charles HillsSnash (IRE)
Charles HillsMutarabes (IRE)
Charlie ApplebyCreative Force (IRE)
Charlie ApplebyMagical Land (IRE)
Charlie ApplebyModern News (GB)
Charlie ApplebySunset Memory (GB)
Charlie ApplebySky Angel (IRE)
Charlie ApplebyFanciful Tale (IRE)
Charlie ApplebyFabrizio (GB)
Charlie ApplebyNoble Dynasty (GB)
Charlie FellowesGolden Bear (IRE)
Christopher MasonGlamorous Breeze (GB)
Clive CoxGet It (GB)
Clive CoxBright Armor (IRE)
Clive CoxNando Parrado (GB)
Daniel KublerBowland Park (GB)
David EvansPlum Run (IRE)
David LoughnaneEx. Money Note (GB)
Dominic Ffrench DavisJust A Jeroboam (GB)
Donald McCainNacho (IRE)
Ed DunlopTrixie Mitskie (GB)
Ed WalkerPeerless (IRE)
Eve Johnson HoughtonEnduring (GB)
Gay KellewayMehmo (IRE)
George BakerMagical Diva (FR)
George BougheyAstimegoesby (IRE)
George MargarsonBerrtie (GB)
George ScottBungledupinblue (IRE)
Grant TuerMokaman (GB)
Harry DunlopDream Chaser (FR)
Heather MainLady Menilly (IRE)
Hughie MorrisonRooster (GB)
Hugo PalmerLockdown (GB)
Hugo PalmerLondon Palladium (GB)
Iain JardineBulls Aye (IRE)
Ismail MohammedGlowing For Gold (GB)
Ivan FurtadoGems Jewel (GB)
J. S. MooreWholelotafun (IRE)
James FergusonZoetic (GB)
James GivenSparkling Perry (GB)
James GrassickLiving On A Dream (GB)
James TateSense Of Romance (IRE)
Jamie OsborneBalavad (IRE)
Jane Chapple-HyamOn My Way (GB)
John GosdenSaeiqa (GB)
John GosdenThe Circus (GB)
John GosdenWillabel (USA)
John GosdenThird Kingdom (GB)
John GosdenRainbow Fire (IRE)
John GosdenSarsaparilla (GB)
John GosdenExistent (GB)
John QuinnVirginia Plane (GB)
K. R. BurkeSignificantly (GB)
K. R. BurkeTapeten Toni (FR)
K. R. BurkeInhaler (GB)
K. R. BurkeDandalla (IRE)
Keith DalgleishTatsthewaytodoit (GB)
Keith DalgleishPeely Wally (IRE)
Kevin RyanSound Reason (GB)
Kevin RyanSignora Princess (GB)
Les EyreFields Of Berries (GB)
Liam BaileyHarswell Prince (GB)
Marco BottiAngels Will Rise (GB)
Marcus TregoningMolhim (USA)
Mark JohnstonPelekai (GB)
Mark JohnstonEye Of Heaven (GB)
Mark JohnstonMutazawwed (IRE)
Mark JohnstonBaileys Breathless (GB)
Mark JohnstonArmy Of India (IRE)
Mark JohnstonNaamoos (FR)
Mark JohnstonVentura Vision (FR)
Mark JohnstonHigh Peak (IRE)
Mark JohnstonJulie Johnston (GB)
Mark JohnstonThunder Of Niagara (IRE)
Mark JohnstonMeshakel (IRE)
Mark LoughnaneMeant Two B (IRE)
Michael ApplebyKatie’s Kitten (GB)
Michael AttwaterLothian (GB)
Michael BellVedute (IRE)
Michael BellThe Hulk (GB)
Mick ChannonChattri (GB)
Mick ChannonMahale (GB)
Mike MurphySteely Queen (GB)
Milton HarrisTempah (GB)
Owen BurrowsKawaalees (GB)
Paul ColeValpolicella (GB)
Paul ColeGeneral Lee (IRE)
Paul D’ArcyPower On (IRE)
Paul GeorgeWind Rider (IRE)
Phillip MakinMuker (IRE)
Ralph BeckettTime Scale (GB)
Ralph BeckettWilliam Bligh (GB)
Richard FaheyInternationaldream (IRE)
Richard FaheyStrike Red (IRE)
Richard FaheySamara Bay (IRE)
Richard FaheyDouble Dealing (IRE)
Richard FaheyImperial Butterfly (IRE)
Richard FaheyPatsy Fagan (IRE)
Richard FaheyNo School Today (IRE)
Richard FaheyVentura Mutiny (GB)
Richard HannonPure Dreamer (GB)
Richard HannonCooperation (IRE)
Richard HannonHost (IRE)
Richard HannonKool Moe Dee (IRE)
Richard HannonHappy Romance (IRE)
Richard HannonRisque (IRE)
Richard HannonVentura Tormenta (IRE)
Richard HughesNelson Gay (IRE)
Richard HughesAussie Stormer (IRE)
Richard SpencerWings Of A Dove (IRE)
Robert CowellIsle Of Lismore (IRE)
Rod MillmanFurlong Factor (GB)
Roger TealGussy Mac (IRE)
Roger VarianDark Lion (IRE)
Roger VarianSaint Lawrence (IRE)
Roger VarianSetarhe (IRE)
Roger VarianSardinia Sunset (IRE)
Roger VarianRumaythah (IRE)
Saeed bin SuroorMashmoom (GB)
Saeed bin SuroorFast Start (GB)
Saeed bin SuroorFuture Vision (GB)
Saeed bin SuroorAl Watan (IRE)
Seamus MullinsRoseacre (IRE)
Simon & Ed CrisfordJadoomi (FR)
Simon & Ed CrisfordZamaani (IRE)
Simon & Ed CrisfordStar Cactus (USA)
Simon DowTwentysharesofgrey (GB)
Sir Mark Prescott BtChill Out (IRE)
Sir Mark ToddL’Operateur (GB)
Steph HollinsheadVelocistar (IRE)
Stuart WilliamsBaby Sham (GB)
Tim EasterbyWinter Power (IRE)
Tom CloverSoldierpoy (GB)
Tom DascombeAndronicus Beau (IRE)
Tom DascombeLauded (GB)
Tom DascombeFools Rush In (IRE)
Tom DascombeScarlet Bear (IRE)
Tom WardBilandy (GB)
William HaggasSacred (GB)
William HaggasYazaman (IRE)
William HaggasCurrency Exchange (IRE)
William HaggasLight Refrain (GB)
William HaggasGolden Melody (IRE)
William JarvisPorfin (IRE)
William StoneLittle Sunflower (GB)

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