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Rugby Rules Explained – TMO bunker set to trailed

World Rugby has announced that they are exploring the potential of the TMO Bunker, a new technology that could revolutionize the game of rugby.

This technology has been designed to promote accurate decision-making for foul play involving head contact and reduce lengthy stoppages, enhancing game flow and improving player welfare.

Already trialled in Super Rugby Pacific, the TMO Bunker has shown great promise, and World Rugby is keen to see its potential fully realized. The organization has been seeking out innovations that can benefit the game, and the TMO Bunker promises to do just that.

World Rugby is committed to implementing the technology in a way that benefits the game as a whole. The trial will be based on a set of principles, and the organization will be consulting with stakeholders throughout the process to ensure that the trial is a success.

The principles are simple and fair. Clear and obvious red cards for foul play involving contact with the head will receive a red card resulting in the player being permanently removed from the game and unable to be replaced. For any incident where a red card is not obvious, a yellow card will be issued, and the incident will be reviewed by dedicated foul play reviewers in a central bunker using all available technology and footage. Once 10 minutes has elapsed, the yellow card is either upheld, and the player returns to the action, or it is upgraded, and the player permanently leaves the field, unable to be replaced.

The TMO Bunker is an exciting development in World Rugby’s efforts to incorporate technology that can assist officiating, enhance game flow, and advance player welfare. It promises to address issues such as the pace of the game and refereeing decisions, which have been criticized by some.

The trial at the 2023 World Rugby U20 World Championship will be closely watched by fans and players alike, as the rugby community eagerly anticipates the results. If successful, the TMO Bunker could become a permanent fixture of the sport, transforming the way the game is played and officiated. World Rugby believes that this technology will be a game-changer, and we can’t wait to see it in action.

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