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Video – World Snooker championship affected by protesters

The World Championship has been thrown into chaos after a group of protesters disrupted play.

In the middle of a first-round match between Robert Milkins and Joe Perry, some numpty climbed onto table one and covered it in orange powder! Can you believe it? And as if that wasn’t enough, another idiot tried to attach themselves to table two. Unbelievable scenes!

To make matters worse, Northern Ireland’s Mark Allen and China’s Fan Zhengyi were also in action and had to be escorted from the arena. Play was briefly suspended but quickly resumed in the Allen v Fan match, with the other game expected to restart later in the evening.

But the real question is, what the hell was that powder and what was the point?  The answer seems to be they were protesting against the use of Oil.

Beginning with the headline “NEW OIL AND GAS WILL SNOOKER US”, the statement went on to say: “At around 7:20pm, two Just Stop Oil supporters have disrupted the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, interrupting play.

“They are demanding that the Government immediately stop all new UK fossil fuel projects and are calling on UK sporting institutions to step into in civil resistance [sic] against the Government’s genocidal policies.”


It’s just a shame that this kind of behaviour has to mar what should be a prestigious and respected event. Absolutely disgraceful!

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