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What to know about the Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious events on the British social calendar. High society comes to roam, ladies and gentlemen put on their finest threads and the royal family attends these Berkshire races, which are as famous for their fashion as they are for their horses.

A short history

Anyone visiting Ascot today  will discover a very modern complex. The grandstand was rebuilt in 2006 – and in the 1960s – but the racecourse has been around since 1711 when Queen Anne declared the area “ideal for horses to gallop at full length” during a ride from nearby Windsor Castle one day. It was 57 years before the first royal meeting took place in 1768, but it was not until 1911 that Royal Ascot developed into its modern form.

Strongly connected to fashion

Nowadays, Royal Ascot is known for its fashion. Women have stylish dresses and elaborate hats, which are as good as the races. Royal Ascot is known for its strict dress code, which as of 2018 requires men to wear socks and has only included jumpsuits as acceptable female attire since 2017. Flamboyant fashion has been an integral part of the Royal Ascot formula since Beau Brummell, an English dandy and friend of George IV, set the tone with his bold attire around the beginning of the 19th century.

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Daily program

Gates open – before the crowds, that is – at 10.30am, but the royal procession does not arrive until 2pm, half an hour before the starting gates open for the first race of the day. Royal Ascot always takes place in June and runs from Tuesday to Saturday. The first day includes three of the eight Group 1 races, the most prestigious class of flat racing in the world of horse racing. Wednesday is a more relaxed day that generally attracts smaller groups, despite hosting the Group One Prince of Wales’s Stakes. Thursday, informally known as Ladies Day, sees women improving their wardrobe as jockeys compete in the Gold Cup race, the highlight of the racing week. Friday treats spectators to another Group One race before Saturday brings the week to a close with the final Group One race, the thrilling Wokingham Stakes and the longest race of the week. Bringing the Royal to Royal Ascot are the Windsors. While Queen Elizabeth II’s Ascot fashion is fairly conventional, her granddaughters certainly don’t follow suit: Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have been making headlines for more than a decade with their extraordinarily bizarre headwear.

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