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Bundee Aki’s Remarkable Achievement : 2023 World Player of the Year Nomination

 Bundee Aki’s Remarkable Journey: 2023 World Player of the Year Nomination

Bundee’s Journey

Fua Leiofi Bundellu Aki, born on April 7, 1990, is a professional rugby union athlete, primarily serving as a center for the Connacht team in the United Rugby Championship. Hailing from New Zealand, he competes on the international stage for Ireland, having become eligible through residency qualifications.

Narrow Defeat to New Zealand

Ireland’s journey in the World Cup was nothing short of thrilling. Their campaign was marked by their incredible effort and teamwork. In the quarter-finals, they faced the formidable New Zealand All Blacks and, although they narrowly lost, Bundee Aki’s performance was nothing short of outstanding. His tenacity and skill on the field were key factors that nearly carried Ireland to victory against one of the world’s rugby powerhouses. New Zealand are 4/5 to win the Workd Cup on Saturday with Betiton sports

Connacht Rugby’s Pride

The nomination of Bundee Aki for the 2023 World Player of the Year will be a source of immense pride for Connacht Rugby and their fans.

Bundee, a stalwart of the club, has consistently been a shining star, not only for Connacht but also on the international stage. His performance at the World Cup underlines the quality and commitment that Connacht Rugby instills in its players.

The Most Consistent Player

In the world of rugby, consistency is a virtue highly cherished. Bundee Aki’s performance during the World Cup clearly demonstrated his ability to maintain an exceptional level of play throughout the tournament. He was undoubtedly the most consistent player, showcasing his skills, vision, and dedication on the pitch.


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