Rugby player talks about craziness of lifting Ref about his head


In one of the strangest things, you will ever see on a rugby pitch, Josaia Raisuqe, who plays for French ProD2 lifted the ref about his head during a game.

Referee Laurent Millotte blew the final whistle and in a moment of madness, Raisuqe lifted him over his head to celebrate the win.

Raisuqe said: “The day after the game when I woke up, it was all over the internet. I was completely overwhelmed by the event. On Instagram and Facebook, I had hundreds of posts. My phone kept ringing. It was unbearable. I was scared. I was afraid the leaders of Nevers would be angry. I was afraid of losing my job.”

He added: “I would have liked to tell him that I was sorry, that there was no aggressiveness in my gesture… I would have liked to tell him that at home, rugby is just a game and that we appreciate it differently, that’s all. I know that I should not have behaved this way.

“A few hours later all my friends in Fiji knew about it. It all got over me. My father called me. He was p***ed off and I don’t like it when he’s like that. After that, I had a really hard time sleeping. Not only because I felt guilty but also because the phone would not stop ringing.

It looks like the Fijian knows what coming as he will surely face a long-term ban for his actions.

“I’m afraid of being heavily punished. The disciplinary committee, that’s all I think about. I hope they will understand though that my gesture was not aggressive.

“I regret it so much… I don’t know why I did this.”

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