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The Four Best Players in This Season’s English Premier League So Far

There have been many notable players in the 2020/21 Premier League season so far, and fans are sure to debate who are the very best. We’ve narrowed it down to four players. Do you agree that they are the best players in the league at the moment?


4. Ilkay Gundogan


Ilkay Gundogan is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders in the Premier League at present. He’s extremely adept at breaking play, setting up chances, and even scoring goals. He had a run of excellent performances throughout January, which led to him receiving the Premier League Player of the Month award, and in March, he was given the title yet again after scoring four goals and providing one assist in just five games.


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3. Jack Grealish


At only twenty-five years of age, Jack Grealish has the potential to become one of the best players of his generation. He has already become a firm fan favourite at Aston Villa since he signed a five-year contract with the club in September 2020. Grealish is highly skilled on the ball and technically adept, as can be seen with his six goals of the season so far. His first goal came in Villa’s second match of the season when the team beat Fulham 3-0. In a game against Liverpool in October, Grealish scored a brace and provided three assists to win the match 7-2. It was Liverpool’s heaviest defeat in fifty-seven years.


With other notable goals and consistent performance over the last few months, the future for Jack Grealish looks very promising indeed.


2. Harry Kane


Harry Kane is unquestionably the most complete striker in the Premier League. Out of twenty-eight appearances this season, the Tottenham Hotspur star has scored an incredible nineteen goals.


A notable accomplishment of the 2020/21 season came early on when he assisted Son Heung-min in scoring four goals, giving Spurs a 5-2 win over Southampton. It was the first time in Premier League history that a footballer has provided four assists to the same player in a match. Kane has had many other notable accomplishments this season, including scoring a hat-trick against Maccabi Haifa in round one of the UEFA Europa League play-offs in October and scoring a brace against Manchester United in a 6-1 win. It was Spurs’ biggest win at Old Trafford since 1932! This season also saw Kane scoring his 200th goal for Tottenham and making his 300th appearance with the club.


1. Bruno Fernandes


Manchester United signed Bruno Fernandes in 2019 for a reported £67.6 million, and the club has not regretted its decision. The Portuguese midfielder has clocked up sixteen goals so far in the 2020/21 Premier League season to almost single-handedly help the Red Devils to become a force to be reckoned with once again.


Fernandes began the current season in spectacular form by scoring his first goal against Brighton & Hove Albion in the one-hundredth-minute, making a 3-2 win for Manchester. It was one of the latest match goals ever recorded in the Premier League. In November, Fernandes scored four goals and provided one assist, which led to him being named Premier League Player of the Month. The following month, he scored three goals and provided four assists, and was named Player of the Month again. In fact, he has been awarded the title four times so far this season, making him the first player in Premier League history to win the award that many times in a single season.

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