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CrossFit announces Ireland’s fittest man and woman

CrossFit has today announced Sam Stewart and Emma McQuaid as 2021s fittest man and woman in Ireland.

The sports fitness brand has been running its annual competition that involves 264,000 athletes across over 150 countries.

The NoBull CrossFit Games season started in February and a national ranking system decided the winners at the end.

Stewart and McQuaid finished as the leaders of all athletes in Ireland, claiming the titles. Both are very high-quality performers in Ireland as two of Ireland’s fittest people. McQuaid has also competed at the Commonwealth Games.

Ollie Mansbridge, CrossFit Country Manager for UK & Ireland, said:
“For athletes around the world, the CrossFit Games season represents the ultimate test of fitness, as they go head-to-head against hundreds of thousands of top competitors across 150+ countries.”

Crossfit has been running this competition since 2007. It began in California and has since grown into a multi-country sport, naming national champions since 2015.
Unlike traditional specialist sports like track or weightlifting, CrossFit does not program the same traditional events that reward a limited set of skills in each competition.
Instead, athletes from around the world are tested against a variety of unannounced events.
Competitors must train for the unknown. The scores of events have included distance swims to obstacle courses, handstand walks, rope climbs, and odd-object carries.
This year the events took place virtually from local gyms and homes.
At the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games,  40 men and 40 women will compete in Madison, Wisconsin from 27th July – 1st August for the titles of Fittest Man and Woman on Earth.
“Thanks to their extraordinary performances in the 2021 CrossFit Games season, Stewart and McQuaid have proven themselves to be the Fittest Man and Woman in Ireland, and they can proudly wear the crowns of CrossFit Ireland Champions for 2021,” added Mansbridge.

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