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How sport can benefit your study skills

Did you know that the physical exercise in the morning and long walks can affect your marks at university? Why are sports good for students? What is the connection? It is very solid and natural. Our habits affect the performance of memory and the brain.  People with an active lifestyle have a higher level of intellectual development. Why?

During physical activity, the brain absorbs blood with nutrients and oxygen. They are vitally important for the acumen. But this is not the only effect. Sports and academic performance are linked by more complex interactions. From this article, you will learn detailed information on how physical activity can influence your ability to study.

How sports affect students?

Moderate, non-destructive physical activity leads to the stimulation of many organs and tissues of the body, including the nerve cells of the brain. The acceleration of the development and branching of dendrites takes place.

Initially, it was assumed that this effect attaches only those areas of the brain which are responsible for motor functions. But over time, in the course of research, it turned out that this consequence extends to other abilities, including learning, thinking and memory.

That is, during physical activity, the branches of our nerve cells begin to form and grow intensively. Their development determines all intellectual processes and academic success.

Professional sports and the brain

It is quite natural to will ask “Do student athletes get better grades?” According to this logic, professional football players, boxers, skiers should be super intelligent. It is the absolute truth. The prospects of their development are indeed much higher than the possibilities of the person who lies on the couch all the time.

By the way, after reading the biographies of modern athletes you will see that these are versatile people who show outstanding talents in different areas. Many of them achieved significant successes outside of sports. Just no one knows about this.

But there are two reasons why not all the professional athletes have high intellectual successes. First, everyone has the development potential, but not all sportsmen use it. Personal qualities and values are no less important than the acquired skills.

If an athlete is accustomed to watching TV or playing computer games after training, is it possible to say that he uses his capabilities? Besides, there is not always time for studying, reading and classes in the training schedule. So, many sportsmen think that it’s more convenient to buy assignment than to do it on their own.

Secondly, workloads are not always moderate in professional sports. In some cases, the athlete regularly has to experience incredible effort and stress. This negatively affects the work of the nervous system. Therefore, not all physical activities are useful.

What are the consequences of good brain performance?

Qualitative and regular physical activity develops our body and brain. The consequence is faster and more qualitative thinking, clarity of thoughts, less fatigue and greater endurance of intellectual abilities.

This leads to the fact that a person becomes more successful in labor, educational tasks and projects with preservation of high quality of work, which ultimately has a positive impact on income and academic performance.

What types of physical activity are most useful?


Even the easiest gymnastics performed regularly contributes to strengthening brain nutrition, improving blood circulation throughout the body.


Especially in the fresh air, walking is favorable for the enrichment of cells with oxygen. Oxygen starvation is tantamount to degradation for the brain. Fresh air is a factor which has an instant effect. If you worked on a difficult task for a long time, try to get out and take a walk slowly. As a rule, during such walks, the enlightenment happens and new thoughts appear.

Breathing exercises

Such exercises supply oxygen to the head, which in all respects benefits our memory. No extra time is required. Breathing gymnastics can be performed in any atmosphere between classes at the university. If you stand in the corridor and wait for the exam, this practice will clear your thoughts and help to focus.


Static exercises with stretching and development of flexibility, additional breathing techniques ensure the perfection of both the body and the brain.


Any kind of dance (paired and single) is an excellent activity. In addition to the all-round training of the body, dancing is supportive for posture, it develops coordination, control of all the muscles, the aesthetics of movements, often raises our mood.

Game sports

Football, GAA, volleyball, tennis, badminton deserve special attention because they combine several important features: physical activity, a lot of positive emotions, training of attention and reaction speed. Also, game sports often take place outdoors, which is extremely useful for the brain. So play with pleasure!

What should you avoid?

There should be no risk of injury (boxing, martial arts, extreme sports). If you care about your intellect and at the same time want to practice such activities, try to use means of protection as much as possible.

Training should be held in such a way that you do not feel utter exhaustion. A proper physical activity gives a slight fatigue, which is replaced by a surge of energy after some rest.

Also, there should be no frequent extreme activities. The regular release of stress hormones including adrenaline causes the reaction of our brain aimed at survival. Other intellectual resources that are important for work and study fall into the background. You probably know how hard it is to concentrate when you are nervous and afraid. A calm positive mood is necessary for a good work of attention and memory. Remember this if you often get into stressful situations.

Each student can find suitable physical activity. If you have enough health and time, confidently engage in any sport on an amateur or semi-professional level. Sports and intellectual work may be combined perfectly. Remember that any minimal activity is better than its absence. Even five-minute gymnastics in the morning gives a small but extremely valuable effect.

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