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Rugby Players Who Were Into Gambling

Rugby is the sport most associated with the world of gambling, and many rugby fans are very active gamblers, playing both on and off the field. However, many top-level rugby players seem to enjoy gambling as much as they do rugby, though many of them claim to be much better gamblers in the real world than they are on the field. Some of them even gamble online – in the best casinos featured KiwiGambling, which is known to be a professional casino reviewer targeted toward the NZ audience and gamblers from around the globe. Here are some of the top-level rugby players who are well known for enjoying gambling.

Michael Lynagh

Michael Lynagh is one of the most entertaining players to watch in the sport. The athlete is renowned for his fantastic footwork and his ability to control a game to the fullest. He’s been involved with the sport for a long time and has been a player for Scotland, Ireland, Australia, and South Africa. 


Apart from his love for rugby, Michael is also a big gambler, but he’s far from being the only one. He’s been involved in some huge losses, though, and has had to admit his biggest one. In 2000, Lynagh lost £1,500,000 when Scottish team Munster defeated their French opponents Perpignan 76-3, in the 2000 Heineken Cup. He placed a £1,500,000 bet on Munster, in favor of the home team. It ended up going down the drain.


It’s not that Lynagh has always been a big loser when he plays or bets. He’s made more than £10,000,000 in the last few years and is a regular winner when he plays. His best win came in 2008 when he won £5,500,000 on a bet with a friend.

Barry John

Barry John is one of England’s most successful rugby players and one of the most interesting figures in the sport. John is known as one of the most competitive players to watch. He is famous for putting a lot of pressure on his teammates and making a game the most dynamic and unpredictable happening. His gambling is just as competitive as his rugby, though, and is sometimes more so. 


John is a prolific bettor and makes a lot of money when he plays. He’s won more than £10,000,000 in the last four years and has been very profitable during his time at the top of the sport. The story goes that a lot of John’s money was given away by a friend who he met at a wedding. John wasn’t sure how much he was owed and was afraid that he might be forced to sign up to be part of the scam.

Chris Ashton

Chris Ashton is an English winger, who plays for the English rugby union club Northampton Saints. He’s been involved with the sport for some time but has only recently become a regular starter for his country and a first-choice player.


As is often the case with gambling, there is no direct link between Ashton’s success on the field and his passion for gambling. But he does enjoy the thrill of winning, and it has no doubt been a good influence on his ability to make money.


In 2011, he had the honor of being the first-ever rugby player to be crowned a £1,000,000 champion. He took home £1,000,000 for the first time in his life for being in the top three in the Betfred Super League.


Chris Ashton has also made millions of pounds over the years, but his biggest loss came in 2010. That year, he lost almost £2,500,000 betting on a game between English Premiership team Leicester Tigers and Newcastle Falcons and lost almost £2,000,000 when the Eagles won the Grand Final. He’s had some big wins in the meantime, however, and has amassed a fortune of over £10,000,000. Nowadays, with the availability of MasterCard casinos, an athlete has even more gambling options.

Final Say!

Gambling is a fun experience for all, and professional rugby players are not an exception. Many of them love to play casino games because they are fun, thrilling, help to reduce stress, and can be a good source of money. To enjoy the gambling game to the fullest, it is only necessary to find a trusted and safe online casino. And this is where OnlineCasinoGo comes to the rescue. The site administration regularly reviews the gambling market and picks the best online gambling venues. Apart from casino top lists and ratings, you can also find detailed game reviews on the site. In other words, they have just everything for your high-end and safe game.

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