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Top 5 Sports that Irish People Like Betting on This Year

In Ireland, there exists an undeniable passion for sports among its inhabitants.

Their enthusiasm extends beyond simply observing sporting events on television screens; they actively engage in betting to potentially earn substantial sums of money. The Irish population forms a substantial community across numerous online gambling platforms, exhibiting an impressive level of strategic thinking when placing their wagers. They recognize the significance of acquiring knowledge about a particular sport before committing any bets, ensuring that their decisions are well-informed.

To gain insight into the realm of Irish sports betting, one might wonder which sports garner the most attention from this fervent community. Fortunately, we possess a definitive response to this query. So, take a moment to peruse today’s blog, where we delve into the top sports that the Irish populace frequently places their wagers upon!

Betting in Ireland: What Is It All About?

Should you have any doubts regarding the legality of betting in Ireland, let us reassure you that the Government has opened sports betting in Ireland it is indeed legal. Our team of experts conducted extensive research and discovered numerous betting sites operate legally within Irish borders with valid gambling licenses from respected authorities, adhering strictly to regulations that govern responsible betting practices.

Ireland is home to an abundance of sports enthusiasts who are very interested in engaging in various forms of sports betting, both through online platforms and traditional brick-and-mortar bookmakers across the nation. Online bookmakers offer punters a diverse selection of sporting options, while their security-minded policies prioritize gamblers. As a result, many foreigners hail Ireland for hosting one of the safest gambling environments worldwide – something it takes great pride in.

Ireland stands out as an open and friendly environment for international betting platforms to operate within without experiencing unnecessary government obstacles or restrictions. Not only can online bookmakers in Ireland provide safety, but they offer numerous payment methods so punters from anywhere around the globe can participate. In addition, Ireland encourages foreign betting sites to open operations within its borders, fostering a thriving gambling market without government restrictions limiting expansion.

5 Popular Sports to Bet on in Ireland

Curiosity may arise regarding the wide range of sports available in Ireland for the purpose of placing wagers. Well, Ireland offers an abundance of sports options to cater to varied preferences. If you are eager to delve into the most captivating choices, allow us to present you with a list showcasing some of the immensely popular Irish sports:


Football remains Ireland’s favourite sporting activity, whether engaging in it directly, watching matches, or betting on it. Research demonstrates this fact. Beyond actively playing the game itself, many Irish citizens are also very interested inwatching and betting on it; football’s simplicity allows novices to experience notable successes, while its prevalence in online betting platforms rarely fails to include it among its range of available sports.

Irish Football (Gaelic football)

Irish Football (Gaelic football) holds a special place in the hearts of most individuals across Ireland, no matter their age. Nearly everyone in Ireland has participated at some point; given Ireland’s relatively modest size, its participation rate in Gaelic football is quite incredible! Not only is Gaelic football great to watch on the field, but it also offers many betting opportunities; novice bettors can easily place bets without complications, thanks to its straightforward rules; nearly all Irish betting platforms offer Gaelic football as part of their extensive sports selection.


While not well known outside Ireland, Hurling enjoys unprecedented popularity within its borders. Heralded as one of the fastest sports on Earth, Hurling has amassed an immense following across its home nation and gained international acclaim due to its breathtaking pace – earning itself an exhilarating fan base that enjoys every second. As such, hurling has also become a favourite choice for passionate bettors, with a big number of Ireland’s betting platforms offering it as an option when considering engaging in sports betting activities.


Rugby has quickly become one of the premier sports in Ireland. Thanks to Ireland’s hard-working rugby team and its tireless efforts, participation rates will increase further in the coming years. Irish love for this game skyrocketed after winning their Grand Slam triumphantly in 1948; since then, passion for Rugby remains undiminished, fuelling individuals’ interest for the game and betting on it as well.


Golf has long been enjoyed by people of all ages across ournation and holds a special place in many people’s hearts. A major factor contributing to its widespread appeal may be world-famous Irish golfers known for their extraordinary talent both nationally and globally. They have achieved extraordinary feats, winning major championships for Ireland and increasing golf’s popularity to unprecedented levels. Irish population’s profound love of golf and its iconic sporting figures has created an ever-deepening appreciation of it among many residents, leading them to engage in golf betting on various platforms throughout Ireland.

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