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Video Explainer – T1 Rugby – New Non Contact Rugby

World Rugby’s Latest Innovation: T1 Rugby – A Game for Everyone

In an exciting move, World Rugby has introduced T1 Rugby, a groundbreaking non-contact sport that preserves the essence of traditional rugby, featuring elements such as scrums, lineouts, and breakdowns. This innovative step aims to boost engagement and accessibility for young people worldwide.

T1 Rugby is positioned as “a game for everyone, played by anyone,” with a strong focus on enjoyment, fitness, inclusivity, and efficient use of time. This format promises a welcoming and safe environment for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, aligning with World Rugby’s global sport-for-all mission.

What sets T1 Rugby apart is its ability to mirror the key characteristics of rugby, including lineouts, scrums, kicking, and the essence of a rugby match, all while maintaining a non-contact nature. This unique approach retains the attacking and defending aspects of rugby, requiring players to make strategic decisions.

Remarkably, participants have reported understanding the rules in under 20 minutes, highlighting the game’s simplicity and its authentic rugby feel. Players have expressed a strong desire to play T1 Rugby regularly if given the opportunity.

World Rugby is set to launch T1 Rugby globally through its national member unions. The format was previewed during the Rugby World Cup 2023 media match in Paris on October 17. Member unions, spanning from England and New Zealand to Laos and Vietnam, have contributed to T1 Rugby’s development, as it offers a flexible format to expand rugby’s reach worldwide.

As global participation rates, especially among young people in emerging rugby markets, have seen an 11% increase in the past year, T1 Rugby is poised to become the cornerstone of World Rugby’s Get Into Rugby program. This new non-contact sport is expected to gain traction in clubs and schools worldwide.

Alan Gilpin, World Rugby’s Chief Executive, expressed enthusiasm for the introduction of T1 Rugby, emphasizing the sport’s accessibility to a diverse and younger audience. With its potential to expand beyond traditional nations and demographics, T1 Rugby is set to play a pivotal role in the growth of rugby, especially with the forthcoming men’s and women’s Rugby World Cups in the USA.

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