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Betsson launch new social media tracker for the Euros

To get involved in the excitement for this summer’s biggest football event, Betsson have launched an exciting new feature on their website for football fans who want to stay close to the online conversation.

For fans who were looking to keep up with the latest rumours during the tournament, Betsson have developed the Social Tracker, a new website that ranks the top players, teams and managers by the amount they’re being talked about on Twitter.

After analysing every tweet that contains the names and handles of a list of all the players, teams and managers in the Euros, the numbers are crunched in close to real-time to create a ranking order purely collated by who is generating the highest amount of buzz online.

Ahead of Tuesday’s big game with England playing against Germany, the social sentiment tracker concluded that England was the team dominating social conversation, with fans even making ‘Please England’ trend on Twitter during the day. The Three Lions went on to win the game 2-0.

Portugal is the most talked about team of the week, with a total of 7899 mentions on the social platform. Cristiano Ronaldo, also the most talked about player according to the social tracker, has been dominating Twitter talk after losing his chance to break the international goals record during Sunday’s game against Belgium, continuing to share this title with Ali Daei.

The social tracker tool is available for fans to enjoy here.

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