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European Season will finish in August

The European Season will finish in August according to the European body soccer president Aleksander Ceferin. He said UEFA has a plan to finish the 2019/20 season, as well as the Champions League and Europa League.

Most of the European leagues were cancelled due to the coronavirus where the Premier League has been severely impact in terms of finance. A few leagues have now returned, while others will return over the next few weeks. However, French football authorities along with the Dutch league cancelled their league, but the German Bundesliga resumed on Saturday. Ceferin has said he expects 80% of league to finish.

Speaking to Bein Sport, Ceferin said,  “We have an idea but we have to wait for the executive committee of UEFA to confirm the dates. I can say that the European season will be finished, if everything is as it is now, in August,”. He continued, most leagues will finish the season. However, he said for those that don’t they will have to play qualifiers to play in European competition such as the Champions and Europa League. He said, “I think the majority of leagues will finish the season. The ones who will not, it’s their decision. But they will still have to play qualifiers if they want to participate in the European UEFA competition.”

Ceferin said discussion have also taken place in regards to Euro 2020 (which will now take place in 2021). He said that UEFA had conversations with nine cities. He said “three cities have some issues”. However, he outlined that the goal is to do it in the 12 cities. But if not 10 cities, 9 cities or 8 cities. “In principle, we will do it in 12 cities but if not, we are ready to do it in 10, nine or eight, he said”.

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