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Everything you need to know about football betting

Football is the most popular game in the world. It is also the most followed sport in the United Kingdom with many punters visiting non UK casinos accepting UK players to place their bets weekly.

The Premier League and the ancillary football competitions organized by the Football Association are followed worldwide with thousands of punters placing their bets on their favourite team or top-scoring players. It is assumed, that forty percent of all money wagered in the United Kingdom by bettors is placed on football.

The vast number of football games emanating from the different structured competitions in the United Kingdom and Europe together with the extensive media coverage of domestic football leagues; European competitions such as the UEFA Champions League and, the FIFA World Cup gave a tremendous impetus to the betting industry to grow and flourish across the globe.

Evaluating football and its perils


Like in any other sports or commercial activity, the game of football has its own rules, gossip, and developing news. Getting to know exactly what the rules are, the latest news on the transfer market, and the latest developments on the teams and their players, are essential elements for the bettors to evaluate and decide which bet is likely to get them the best rewards they hope for.

Odds on matches are established by bookmakers and resonate with the ratio between the bet and winnings on a particular game or game. Odds are usually depicted as a fraction (2/1) or as a decimal nomination (2.0). This basically means that if the game has these odds and your selected team wins the game, the bettor will win £2 for every £1 one bet.

How to bet on football and win


Being a very popular game, there are thousands of football matches played across the globe. Be it in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, or Asia, punters have a variety of options where to place their bets. One does not need to be physically resident of the United Kingdom to bet on domestic leagues. Today’s technology allows punters from around the world to place their bets online on any game played across the globe. The betting market is vast and endless bookmakers offer a huge variety of different odds and extensive details of matches. Bookmakers will indicate the prices on the outcome of the game and/or event within the duration of the match like what the outcome will be at half-time, the number of goals scored, red and yellow cards issued by the referee to players, individual goal scorers and how many corners are won by respective teams.

Bookmakers are continually striving to provide punters with the best odds and offer aimed at using their services rather than their competitors. Once the details on the outcome of the match areknown, confirmed winners will be paid their original betting amount in addition to the winnings from the odds. Throughout this process, bookmakers can offer a number of different types of bets including what is termed accumulator bets. This means that the bettors can amalgamate different aspects of bets into one combined odds price. This facility is normally available by the majority of football betting outlets.

Obviously, the simplest form of football betting is to pick the result or outcome of the match. Punters have the opportunity tobet on three different outcomes namely, the team playing at home wins the game, the team playing away wins the match or a simply draw game. It is imperative to understand that bets placed on matches are based on a 90-minute game and do not include any extra time played or shooting of penalties.

How to bet building works


Bet Builder is a new innovative form of betting introduced in sports including football. Bet builder, also known as game multis, can be termed as an accumulator of outcomes from a particular game rather than a number of matches. Such bets are a bit difficult to come in due to the number of outcomes that need to happen for the bettor to win. However, experienced punters who are well versed in both teams and the players involved can acquire good returns on winnings and risk a small amount of money on stakes.

Player props or player statistics is another new introduction in the football betting market. Such bets can be placed on domestic football games as well as on international matches. This method is completely different from the bet builder bet or the goalscoring or card market. It involves betting on the ability and skills of one individual player or a set of players betting on the number of shots, tackles, and sometimes even the number of offsides. It can also include how many free-kick, goal-kicks; throw-ins are there in a match and; the number of passes a player makes in a game. Though this kind of bet is somewhat complex, it allows punters to venture into the world of research to procure enough information and details on a particular player or players aimed at making the best wager possible.

Bet builder and player props are frequently used by bookmakers to boost the odds trying to entice punters to go for such bets. Due to the complexities involved, punters should be very careful and cautious about the number of stakes placed on such bets as football, despite the knowledge of the game and players, which can be very unpredictable.

Understanding the Asian handicap bet


Another betting option available is the Asian handicap bet. What is unique about this unique bet is that it excludes the possibility of a draw in the game (in betting terms). The bookmakers give each team a plus or minus figure to indicate their handicap. This handicap can be either a whole-goal one or a half-goal handicap. As an example, let’s take Team A -1 and Team B +2. If you bet on Team A, you win if the team wins by a two-goal margin or more. You 1987will lose if the game ends in a draw. You will get your stake back if Team A wins the final result is 1-0. If you bet on Team B, you win if the team wins, if they draw or they loseby a three-goal margin. You will get your stake back if Team B loses by a two-goal margin.

There is also the European handicap bet which is similar to the Asian handicap bet but with two important differences. One of the differences is that the draw in a match remain an option for the bettor and, the other is that the handicaps are only ever whole numbers.

Other betting options include:

Half-time/full-time results. Punters can bet on the home team, away team, or a draw for one or both halves.
Double chance bet means you can bet on two of three outcomes of the game aimed at increasing your winning chances. The options are the home team or draw, away team or draw and, home team or away team. If either of your chosen combinations wins, you will be paid out.
Accumulators are where bettors can combine multiple selections of bets in one bet.
Goal scorer bet – as the name implies to bet on a particular player to score during the game.
Correct score in which you predict the final score of the match based on a 90-minute playing time.
Draw No Bet – one bet on the outcome of the match, however, if the game ends in a draw you will get your stake back.

The options available to bettors to bet on football is almost endless. Bookmakers endeavor to make their products more attractive by giving better odds and offers. Different kinds of options can make life a bit harder for the punter but at the end of the day getting to know what football is all about and the necessary statistics on teams and players can pay dividends.

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