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What are the main features of the English Premier League

It is the most touted competition in the world without any doubt. It deserves its fame and millions of fans due to the thrilling and unpredictable matches it offers every weekend. According to the pundits, all major European leagues have started to lose their identity and features nowadays. It is hard to list unique traits that are valid only for the English Premier League. Anyway, Allfootballpredictions team states it is worth mentioning the more direct style of play, the hard battles we witness every weekend as well as the great abundance of goals. All three define the league as the most spectacular in the world.


5 key points when picking your football prediction


Many tipsters are not willing to put too much credit on their analysis and predictions in EPL. It is highly competitive and sometimes it is a very hard and long process to pick the best football predictions for the weekend. However, there is 5 key points to consider while preparing your analysis:

  1. The current team’s from – it is an essential factor for all leagues but here tipsters and pundits pay focused attention.
  2. The host factor – when you are supported by always overcrowded stadiums with fanatic fans, then you might feel that you are playing with twelve footballers on the pitch. Allfootballpredictions team recommends never underestimating any English Premier League team when playing as hosts.
  3. Motivation – different teams have different goals throughout the campaign and respectively different motivation to accomplish them. It is influenced by many factors but consider that any coach change, new signing or just a slight tactical change could determine the whole picture of the match.
  4. There are no complete underdogs – tipsters make any mistakes while preparing their analysis and football predictions neglecting the fact that any team in the English Premier League has a stable budget and resources to compete with the rest. The team of Allfootballpredictions could not remember a game where odds for a host win are below 1.20. That constitutes for high competitiveness and unpredictability.
  5. H2H statistics – traditions are always respected by all English. H2H stats may not play a major role in picking your today’s football predictions but it is a factor that should not be neglected.


How to bet smart using the Allfootballpedictions tips


The team of Allfootballpredictions recommends devoting your spare time in reading football news and analysis of established pundits about English Premier League as much as possible. It is essential to broaden your knowledge for football predictions on a regular basis. Make your own records and follow your personal performance before investing real money.

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