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What Can We Expect To See When The Premier League Returns

If you are like most major fans, you can remember that faithful day when soccer was canceled. One by one leagues across the nation were shut down, games were rescheduled, major events were postponed, and it was an ill truly frightening. Heck, there is a lot of this still going on in some places with some sports and other activities. Luckily, most of that is behind you now.

Times were tough and are continuing to be tough. Luckily, it looks like most of this is behind you now, as it has been announced that a lot of sports and leagues are returning, including the Premier League. Although this is the case, you can expect some major differences and changes.


No Fans

One of the biggest changes will be, no live viewing. Fans are no longer allowed in the arenas and stadiums, as social distancing laws are still be enacted. If you want to watch your favorite games and players, you’ll have to do so from the safety and comfort of your home. This was a rule that was initiated by the league to help keep players, fans, and staff safe.

Fewer Goals

You’d be surprised as to the difference that it can make to have someone there cheering you on. It is something that gives you confidence as well as motivation. Despite what some people might think, a lot of today’s soccer players play the game for their fans. They simply love entertaining, and without the feeling that they are entertaining, they may feel less motivated and enthused. All of this could result in fewer goals. Anyone that plans on betting on games with quality online providers like judi online will certainly want to keep this one in mind.

Less Active Players

Not only are the games going to be different, but everything about the lead up to the games is different as well. Players are not going to be allowed as much time in the locker rooms, on the field, or in the weight rooms. Combine this with the fact that the pre-season will be cut short, and you could end up seeing some out of shape players, resulting in not only fewer goals, but less active players.

Refs And The Home Teams

Regardless of what many might have or believe or how much research you do, it has been scientifically proven that referees are influenced subconsciously by home crowds. This no doubt has a diverse impact on the game. Home fans, especially in soccer can be avid and unruly, which are all things that end up impacting the way referees make decisions. Without the home crowd there to cheer along their favorite players and influence the decisions of the refs, you could see an entirely different game played out in an entirely different way.


There is no denying that soccer is one of the most exciting and diverse sports in the world. Well, that used to be the case. As you can see, from the information above this may no longer be the case at all. And, it all stems down to the fact that fans aren’t allowed at the game anymore.

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