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2020 Donegal SFC Final To Be Replayed Following Appeal

The 2020 Donegal Senior Football Championship final between Naomh Conaill and CLG Chill Chartha (Kilcar) will be replayed following a successful appeal from the latter, who lost the initial final.

The replay will take place on Wednesday, September 8th at 8 pm in Páirc Sheáin Mhic Cumhaill in Ballybofey.

Kilcar lodged an appeal after their penalty shoot-out loss to Naomh Conaill claiming that the victors used too many substitutes in the extra 20 minutes.

Naomh Conaill won the game after a 4-2 penalty shootout victory against Kilcar on Saturday, August 14 and lodged their appeal three days later.

Rule 2.4(ii) of the GAA’s official guide says that only three substitutes can be used in extra-time – Kilcar claimed that their opponents used four in this period and Donegal GAA’s Competitions Controls Committee found this to be true.

In correspondence to the clubs, Donegal explained the decision-making process: “Naomh Conaill CLG made four substitutions in the course of the extra time played and as a result committed a breach of Rule 2.3(ii) Rules of Specification – The Players – Official Guide 2021 Part 2.

“That the breach of the said Rule 2.3(ii) Rules of Specification – The Players – Official Guide 2021 Part 2 by Naomh Conaill CLG was an Infraction rendering Naomh Conaill CLG liable to the penalties set out in Rule 6.44(b)(ii) Official Guide 2021 Part 1, including but not limited to the award of the game to the Objector.”

On the county board’s website, Donegal GAA have stated that “there will be knock-on effects for the scheduling of the League games of the Senior Championship – the precise details of any changes are still to be formalised.

“There will be no impact on the Intermediate or Junior Championship nor is it anticipated that the knockout rounds and relegation play-offs for the Senior Championship will be affected.”

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