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Recent Updates for Grand Nationals 2021

After last year’s cancelation of Grand National due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers are hosting a steeple race in the Aintree Racecourse. Over 500 Million people will be watching the three-day festival to see their favorite runner finish off the race. 40 Grand National runners & riders will participate against each other and jump over 30 fences in a 4.25-mile Aintree course.

Red Rum was the first champion to make history and win numerous consecutive Grand National races. However, if we consider the last Grand National races, Tiger Roll won bothgames, eliminating all doubts about its competence.

Grand Nationals 2021

The Grand National festival, 2021, will begin on 8 April, and the final day would be 10 April. Organizers will ensure that the festival takes place in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines by the government. Even though there is some uncertainty about the dates due to the lockdown situation, the expected dates are 8-10 April. According to Dickson White, there is no solid reason to move the Grand National Race at Aintree to any other day onthe calendar.

Will Tiger Roll Make his Name in the Grand National List?

Even though this year’s Grand National is a chance for Tiger Roll to win the third season, owners announced that he would not take part in the race. Tiger Roll is the first horse to win back-to-back Grand National races since Red Rum. The champ marked his name in the history for the steeple race of 2018 and 2019. If you want to bet on your favorite Grand Nationalrunners this season, read this comprehensive guide about the race to increase your chances of predicting the final results.

Grand National Runners & Riders

The final Grand National list is yet to be confirmed, but according to post ante predictions, a few names are obvious. According to various online bettors, Cloth Cap is a favorite out of the many Grand National runners. Other than Cloth Cap, Burrows Saint, Kimberlite Candy, and Any Second Now are also standing out in the competition to win the race.

1. Cloth Cap

This is the first time Cloth Cap will appear on the Grand National list. According to bettors, he has a high chance of winning the race. He has shown impeccable ability to jump through tough Aintree fences. Even though Cloth Cap’s trainer,Jonjo O’ Neil, has no winning title, the horse is a good nominee to win the race.

2. Any Second Now

This nine-year-old horse has a good profile, making him another tough contender for the race. Any Second Now won in 2019,and he is in the form to win the Grand Nationals since then. The owner, JP McManus, and the trainer, Ted Walsh, are eager to make Any Second Now the new champion.

3. Kimberlite Candy

Kimberlite Candy is famous for coming second in the BecherChase twice. This horse knows how to handle fences, similar to the Aintree course. Tom Lacey as his trainer, has Grand Nationalrace experience. Kimberlite Candy’s profile makes him one of the top contenders for this race.


With three weeks remaining for the Grand Nationals, the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding Grand National is drastically increasing. From the bettors to fans, everyone is waiting to see this year’s winner finishing off first. Fans are considering the favorites of this steeple race so they can predict the race and make an informed decision before betting.

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