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How to watch football online – Top 6 live football streaming sites

Football is a passion shared by millions of people across the globe. 

But if there’s a problem that only true fans can relate to, it’s the lack of events on cable television.

Regular viewers are happy to watch the classic tournaments like Champions League or FIFA and their country’s premier league. However, those who want to watch international football need to find a cheap and efficient way to enjoy live matches.

Based on dozens of experiments with different platforms, we’ve discovered that the best solution is using a live streaming site. 

Below, we’ve curated a list of the best live football streaming sites and included some tips to help you get started right away.

Let’s begin!

Tips for using a live football streaming site

If you’re completely new to live to stream services, here are some insights that should get you on the right track:

  • Avoid completely free alternatives: live streaming services that don’t have a paid subscription generally lack most of the important events, and most of them are loaded with pop-up ads.  You can still use this type of platform, but you won’t be getting access to some of the more exclusive matches.
  • Freemium platforms are worth a shot: the platforms that offer you a free trial to test the service are the best since you’re getting a lot of value, and you can see exactly what you will pay for in advance.
  • Consider buying a VPN: if you’re from Canada, but you want to watch a game from the UK, it may not be possible without a VPN. This program changes your IP address to match the geo-location of the country where the match is played. Be careful. Not all platforms allow a VPN, so read their policy before proceeding.  
  • Watch football matches on an online gaming site –  reputable online bookmakers offer users access to live streams for free, with the option to bet during the game. This option is cheap and gives you a chance to win extra money. We suggest you run an analysis and only sign up on websites tested by industry experts. You will know if the platform is secure and what events are available on the live stream.


Now that you understand the basics of live streaming, let’s have a look at the top-recommended platforms.

Official football live streams

The services below are approved by the officials and have a streaming licence for all of their games:

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is the best football live streaming platform available out there. Fans love it because it offers access to highly curated video highlights and a news section managed by some of the industry’s top sports journalists.

The platform does not require registration to watch most games, but it has ads to compensate. Additionally, you can purchase Sky Sports Premium if you want to get access to even more matches on any device you prefer.

BT Sport App


Bt Sports is known as the “Heart of Sport.” They are similar to Sky sports, but their media coverage mainly focuses on the English and Scottish leagues. 


The platform has a clean interface, and it requires registration to get access to the stream. The content available for free is limited, but you can buy a monthly pass that offers you access to the most critical leagues for only $30. 

They also provide a news channel that offers real-time insights from the most recent games and a podcast where they invite some of the most reputable people from the sports industry. Their vision is to replace the retail contract with a gamified version of a “monthly pass.”


ESPN Watch


ESPN’s free sports streaming site offers a high-quality user interface that makes you feel like you’ve paid for the service.

Note: ESPN Watch is a freemium service. You can purchase an ESPN+ monthly subscription for $5.99 that will offer you access to exclusive content.


The ESPN site is mainly focused on US and Canada sports, but it is still a valuable resource for anyone who loves football. It offers highlights, game commentaries, players and all sorts of helpful information that you can use to learn more about the game.

Although the ESPN channel is available on most cable TV, the online streaming version can come in handy when you’re not home when an important game is on. You can download WatchESPN(available on Android and iOS) and watch the competition directly on your mobile device.

Unofficial live streams 


The internet is a diverse place where you can find hundreds of “unofficial” sources where you can watch football games live. These sources don’t have an excellent reputation in the community (since they’re unlicensed), but they are free and don’t usually require creating an account.

Here is a list of our favourite  unofficial football streaming platforms 



By using Streamonsport, you get access to a wide range of international events for free.

 You can watch your favourite football games on all types of devices without creating an account. However, some individual streams (especially important events) will require signing to view them.

 From our experience, there are some occasional pop-up ads, but they don’t appear during the match. The site also offers a live chat feature to talk to other soccer fans from around the world.

Facebook Watch Live

Facebook recently introduced the “Watch” feature that works similarly to Youtube. 

Available on mobile and desktop, the Facebook Watch enables users to search for any type of content (including live stream) without any geo-location restrictions. This free platform includes a wide range of unofficial live football streams, but it shows you ads constantly, which can be bothersome in key moments of the game.

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is one of the largest sites where you can find live football matches for free. They have over 20 million monthly visitors, and their website is more than just a streaming platform. 

They offer a mobile app, the full schedule for all the football matches and impressive streaming quality. If you miss out on a game, you can find it in their archive. 

The best part? 

Live Soccer TV does not require you to sign up, but you will get pop-up ads from time to time (which is normal, given that this is an entirely free service). If the site is not working, you can use a VPN to fix the connectivity issue.

Wrapping up –  Which option is best for you?

Now that you’re more familiar with the best live football streaming sites on the market, you may be wondering:

“How do I know which platform is better for me?”

The answer is: It depends.

If you want access to a wide range of sports events targeted towards your region, go for an official source. 

However, if you prefer watching international sports, you may need to use a VPN. In this case, we recommended going for an unofficial live stream since their policies don’t restrict the use of third-party tools. 

From our experience, the most efficient and affordable alternative is using an online sportsbook that offers live streaming services. Even though their library may not be as vast as the other options, you can make some money by placing live bets as you watch.

Have fun and enjoy a new way of watching your favourite football games

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