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What are the chances of Ireland in the Nations League?

The UEFA Nations League is one of the youngest football tournaments, founded just 4 years ago in 2018.

The tournament, split into a league/group system is designed with competitive football in mind – replacing the friendlies that would otherwise occupy the FIFA International Match Calendar.

This year, Ireland is in Group B with Ukraine, Scotland and Armenia battling it out to earn the promotion to Group A.

What is the UEFA Nations League?

The UEFA Nations League, founded in 2018, is a football tournament held every 2 years with the European men’s senior national teams battling out for the overall title. 


A total of 55 teams make up the tournament, with member associations of UEFA making up the full list of competitors.


The league was created to replace the international friendly games that would previously be found on the FIFA International Match Calendar with the Nations League offering more competitive football. 

When will the UEFA Nations League be played?

The next scheduled UEFA Nations League will be played in three parts with the tournament stretching almost a full 2 years. 


The 22-23 UEFA Nations League league phase is played between June 2022 and September 2022. The Nations League Finals will then be played in June 2023, followed by the relegation play-outs in March 2024. 

How is the Nations League structured?

The Nations League is structured with all of the 55 UEFA teams grouped into four separate leagues, A-D. 


These leagues – made up of 16 teams each (with the expectation of League D) – are dictated by the 20-21 UEFA Nations League overall ranking. Each of the 4 leagues and made up of 4 groups, with each team playing four times within their group. 


The top teams in League A compete to win the overall title of UEFA Nations League champions, currently held by France. This is decided in the Nations League Finals made up of the four teams ranked at the top of the four groups. 


In the lower leagues, promotion and relegation are possible with the bottom team in groups A, B and C relegated to the lower level. The top teams in B, C and D are promoted to the next league. 

What are the chances of Ireland in the Nations League?

In the 22-23 UEFA Nations League, Ireland can be found in League B alongside Ukraine, Scotland and Armenia. 


Ireland is set to play Armenia on June 4th, Ukraine on June 14th and finally Scotland on September 24th. 


The odds of each game can be found in most sportsbooks online with Ireland currently rated at 11/4 from Bet365 to earn their promotion. 

Where to bet on Ireland in the UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League is available to bet on with all major sportsbooks, but not all online betting platforms are created equally. 


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The takeaway

With Scotland, Armenia and Ukraine as the competitors for the 22-23 season, the odds of Ireland earning a promotion to Group A are good. 


Bettors looking to place a bet on Ireland in the UEFA Nations League can find some of the most competitive odds available at SBK. New bettors at the sportsbook looking to sign-up for the first time can claim a “Bet £10 Get £30 Free Bets” offer at the site. 


The latest odds on each Ireland game and future bets available can all be found online on the sportsbook. 

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