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Irelands Favourite Sports Betting Options

Ireland is a country with great heritage and some exciting sports including the likes of hurling and Gaelic football that has even led to the rise of some modern sporting stars like Jack Grealish who found his start in the sport before moving to more traditional football – it’s certainly a country that loves to place a bet too  at some of the best American express casinos and betting sites, with some of the biggest sports in the world being amongst the most represented – but which are the favourites for wagering in the country?

Football – No surprises at all, but the biggest sport in Europe is the most bet sport in Ireland too. Whilst not having a huge history with international success, it has helped to produce some of the all-time greatest in football who have went on to find success in the likes of the Premiere League and English national team with names like Roy Keane, Robbie Keane, and George Best too. There are some exciting odds on regional games too, so certainly worth checking out if you haven’t explored away from the more traditional options of the likes of the Premiere League before, then it may certainly worth be checking out.

Combat Sports – It’s much easier to follow a sport if you have a big representative from your home country, and in recent years Ireland have certainly had plenty to celebrate from combat athletes. Conor McGregor is of course the big name here, being a huge draw for the biggest MMA events in the UFC and a huge betting favourite throughout much of his career, whilst not a character that everyone can get behind, he did certainly help to put Ireland on the map in terms of combat sports prowess. Similarly, whilst not born in Ireland, the self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury was born to an Irish family and shows his pride when he steps into the boxing ring, often considered to be one of the best heavyweights of all time and another huge betting favourite for fans in Ireland too.

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Rugby – Unlike football, the Irish national team for Rugby has a stellar list of performances within the sport and a string of results all the way back to 1987 where they’ve made it to the quarter-finals nearly every single year. Whilst not being able to take it all the way, they have certainly shown their talent in the sport leading to many fans growing up to want to be Rugby players rather than the more traditional football player – having won the grand slam trophy in 2009 it certainly gave plenty of fans something to be excited about too, and another big betting favourite in the country.

There are of course honourable mentions like horse racing too which is likely the biggest in the country, but as this falls outside of the typical sporting environment it is a little different to mention.

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