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Most Hyped Footballers Who Failed

Usually, people talk about the most successful footballers who are celebrated especially brand new casino sites players.

They never talk about those that were hyped a lot but never made it. In this article we are going to look at these footballers who were hyped but never made it in the football industry. Some did not make it not because it was their fault but due to circumstances that were beyond their control such as injury. Some were just overestimated by their fans and the media. Here are the players that were most hyped and never made it. 

Elvir Baljic

This player was signed by Real Madrid in 1999. He was signed for 15. 6 million euros. He ended up appearing for the team only eleven. He ‘was not up to the standards that were required by the team and this was discovered during the first match. He also had a long term injury which made things a lot worse. After he failed in the football industry, he went on to try and establish a career in music. 

Ryan Babel 

A lot was expected from this baccarat online player because of two possible things.  The fact that he is Dutch and another being that he studied at Ajax Academy were the possible reasons. Either of these facts helped him at all. He was signed by Liverpool for 11.5 million euros which was a lot. They signed him after he had won Dutch titles and had participated at the 2007 Euro U21 Championships. He never lived up to the expectations of the team despite him having been successful earlier. The team latter lost interest and shipped him to another team, Hoffenheim. He did not do well wile at that team either. He currently is in Turkey where he is playing for Kasimpasa. 


Manchester United signed this player due to the fact that he had a World Cup winner’s medal, this was not a wise decision at all. They later found that out when he failed to reach their standards. 

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