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A Guide to Scotland’s Most Exciting Racecourses

Do you have a need for speed and an adventurous spirit? Are you on the hunt for some of the best race courses worldwide? Look no further – Scotland is home to some of the most thrilling racecourses in the world.

For centuries, intrepid drivers from all over the globe have raced around these iconic tracks, with each turn offering adrenaline-pumping action and history-in-the-making moments. So, look at our guide to Scotland’s best racecourses and experience the excitement!

Introducing Scotland’s Five Major Racecourses

Horse racing is an incredibly popular spectator sport in Scotland that has a history that dates back almost 900 years. At this point, there are currently five racecourses that operate within the country of Scotland.

Of these five race courses, one is exclusively used for flat racing, two for jump racing, and the last for mixed races. Across all five of these major racecourses, there was a total of over 100 races held each year since 2014.

Horse racing has flourished over the years and has become more than just a sport that royals and high-class citizens watch. Today, modern horse racing has a strong local attendance and is visited by thousands.

Kelso Racecourse

Undoubtedly, the Kelso racecourse is one of the most picturesque racecourses in all of Britain. It also has a reputation for being the friendliest racecourse in Britain, although this title may be self-bestowed. As explained at British Racecourses, the Kelso racecourse was built in 1822 and unfortunately suffered from an arson attack which led to its shutdown temporarily. However, they have been back in action for a while. Typically, the races on this race course are run from September to May, which are the summer months.

Exploring Ayr Racecourse

This racecourse is home to the Scottish Grand National and could be claimed as Scotland’s best love racecourse. This racecourse hosts flat and national hunting races, including the Scottish Grand National, every April.

This beautiful racecourse is located near the West Coast of Scotland, which is great for providing the racecourse with the natural sandy ground needed for its races. It also has the perfect climate to allow for horse racing practically year-round. This race course opened in 1907 and moved locations in 1996. Since then, it has maintained its name and popularity.

Musselburgh Racecourse

The next race course to look at is Scotland’s oldest racecourse, the Musselburgh racecourse. Musselburgh racecourse is located just outside Edinburgh and is the second biggest of all of Scotland’s race courses.

It is the host of the sensational six, which are races considered to be the most prestigious in Scotland. When it comes to Musselburgh racecourse, there is typically no formal dress code. Musselburgh racecourse has been open since 1777, and despite going through difficult times and threats of closing, it is still growing strong today.

Perth Racecourse

Next up on our list, we have Perth racecourse. If you are looking for a fun day out with the family, this is definitely a racecourse to consider. This racecourse is located in northern Scotland and is an excellent race course for jumping events that are typically over a mile long.

The history of this racecourse dates back to the 17th century. This racecourse hosts one of the most popular events in June and in August, which is the Gold Cup. It also hosts the summer carnival race day, bringing in much more attention.

Hamilton Park Racecourse

Last but not least, the final racecourse that we will look at is the Hamilton park racecourse. If you are looking for racing at its finest, the Hamilton park racecourse is home to some of the most spectacular flat racing. The course is located near Glasgow, which typically means it is very well-attended. There aren’t many big races here; however, you can attend and watch plenty of entertaining races.

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