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Developing Killer Instinct With Effective 1v1 Skills in Soccer Players

What does a soccer player need to succeed in the game? Is it physical fitness, or knowledge of tactics? The answer is both. While physical fitness is in the hands of the player, the coach would be responsible for enlightening them on the secrets of the game. 

The knowledge is also useful for someone who is into watching the games for more than the entertainment of a Friday night. Knowledge of the strategies and their elements give you more awareness of the situation when you are trying to assess which team is stronger and prone to win. If you are into watching sports, or even more, placing bets, the information on player skills will come in handy. The betting platforms collect experts and amateurs from all over the globe, so to place the bet successfully you need to be equipped with the information. The platforms like Parimatch give access to all the avid fans of soccer in North America, Africa, and Asia. For example, Bundesliga betting on  is developed in Swahili for Tanzanian citizens, as well as Uganda, Kenya, Somali, etc. Here are the points worth your attention when you are looking at two or more teams trying to figure out how they are doing this season. 

What are the effective skills of soccer players?

So, you have your favorite team. Let’s say the Dortmund club is your favorite. What strategies do you think the club uses and how do they recruit players? It is not all about signing the famous players, it is about collecting all the missing pieces of the puzzle. The coaches analyze the players, their skills, and look for other players who complete them. 

How does 1v1 work in soccer?

Of all the types of skills that players need to acquire during their career 1v1 is the most efficient. It aims at improving the chances of scoring or getting a chance for a hit. The focus is placed on the defender who controls the ball. The player needs to lock on the last defender and score the goal. A lot in this drill depends on the speed and sides from which the attacker gets the defender. The attacker should stick to cones, or back. 1v1 variations exist, and to acquire it the player goes through a gradual process of learning the elements first. By knowing moves that identify 1v1 on the field, you can predict its actual occurrence. Note that 1v1 happens regardless of the location of players on the field. 

Essential 1v1 Skill Types

On the list of fundamental skills to have for professional soccer players and amateurs one versus one stands on top. These skills require the knowledge of certain movements, and course tons of practice. The moves like body fake left/right are simple in theory and hard to perform in practice. Having a good physical shape is not enough, it is about the speed of the body movements. 

When can 1v1 be applied?

The drill is practiced by virtually creating the grids and assigning the players to them. The defenders and attackers will be the lead in this drill. Note that the sides might change and once the attacker can quickly become a defender. Now, the player needs to be ready to adjust in the blink of an eye.

It is hard to limit the cases when 1v1 is happening. There is a tendency to deny it when, for example, 3players are around the ball. However, in reality, the fight is happening between the two, so their 1v1 skills will be deciding here. Imagine the situation when the attacker stands in front of the choice to dribble through or pass the ball. Although the three players are in the picture, attacker 1, attacker 2, and the enemy, from the point of the attacker with the ball it is one versus one drill. 

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