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Offaly Dominates Second Half to Secure Joe McDonagh Final Spot

Offaly Dominates Second Half to Secure Joe McDonagh Final Spot

In a decisive display, Offaly overwhelmed Kerry in the final 30 minutes, outscoring them 2-12 to 0-3, to secure their place in the Joe McDonagh final. The match, held in Tullamore, saw Offaly pull away after a competitive first half.

Early Exchanges and Penalty Turning Point

Kerry initially challenged Offaly with strong defensive play from Daithí Griffin and accurate shooting by Maurice O’Connor. Early scores from Ronan Walsh and Killian Hayes helped Kerry to a 0-6 to 0-3 lead. However, Offaly’s forwards, led by Charlie Mitchell, gradually found their rhythm. A crucial penalty awarded to Offaly, converted by Eoghan Cahill, shifted the momentum, giving Offaly a lead they would not relinquish.

Offaly Takes Control Before Half-Time

By halftime, Offaly had established a four-point lead, with key contributions from Cathal King and Killian Sampson. Although the game remained competitive early in the second half, with a stunning point from Colin Walsh for Kerry, Offaly responded strongly. Cillian Kiely’s long-range point marked the beginning of Offaly’s dominant phase.

Second Half Surge and Key Performances

Offaly’s tactical adjustments after the break paid off, as they exploited Kerry’s defensive weaknesses. Cillian Kiely controlled the game, and additional points from Jason Sampson, Eoghan Cahill, Eimhin Kelly, and Dara Maher extended Offaly’s lead. Dan Bourke’s powerful run set up Killian Sampson for the second goal, and Oisín Kelly added a third with a brilliant individual effort.

Key Highlights

– **Eoghan Cahill’s Penalty**: Crucial goal that turned the game.
– **Charlie Mitchell’s Early Impact**: Key forward in the first half.
– **Cillian Kiely’s Leadership**: Dominated play from the 45m line.
– **Offaly’s Late Goals**: Sealed the victory with clinical finishes.

Scorers for Offaly: Eoghan Cahill 1-8 (1-0 pen, 0-4f, 0-1 65), Killian Sampson 1-2, Charlie Mitchell 0-4, Brian Duignan 0-3, Oisín Kelly 1-0, Cillian Kiely 0-2, Jason Sampson 0-2, Cathal King 0-1, Eimhin Kelly 0-1, Dara Maher 0-1.

Scorers for Kerry: Maurice O’Connor 0-8 (0-6f, 0-1 65), Colin Walsh 0-2 (0-1f), Ronan Walsh, Killian Hayes 0-1, Fionán Mackessy 0-1, David Woulfe 0-1, Niall Mulcahy 0-1.

Offaly: Mark Troy; Ben Conneely, Ciarán Burke, Cathal King; Luke Watkins, Cillian Kiely, David King; Jason Sampson, Ross Ravenhill; Killian Sampson, Brian Duignan, Eimhin Kelly; Dan Bourke, Charlie Mitchell, Eoghan Cahill. Subs: Adam Screeney for Cahill (38-42 temp), Sam Bourke for Watkins (46), Oisín Kelly for D Bourke (55), Dara Maher for King (55), Jack Clancy for E Kelly (63), Paul Cleary for K Sampson (67).

Kerry: Louis Dee; Flor McCarthy, Evan Murphy, Eric Leen; Ronan Walsh, Darragh Shanahan, Kyle O’Connor; Killian Hayes, Brandon Barrett; Michael Leane, Colin Walsh, Gavin Dooley; Daithí Griffin, Maurice O’Connor, Fionán Mackessy. Subs: Dan Goggin for O’Connor (34), David Woulfe for Barrett (51), Tomás O’Connor for Shanahan (54), Niall Mulcahy for Dooley (54), Tom Doyle for Hayes (63), Bill Keane for Murphy (64, temp).

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